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Jan 1,2018 - Dec 31,2018    Time: 6:00 am - 11:45 pm


We are planning a very special year of purpose in 2018, and to celebrate 5 YEARS of helping every person live on purpose, we want to provide our faithful participants, supporters and friends with a unique opportunity to become a VIP Partner. As a 2018 VIP Partner, you will have:
  • Access to EVERY workshop, summit, and training (you won't pay registration for any of these events in 2018!);
  • Ticket to attend the VIP reception at our annual summit;
  • Digital access pass, so you can access recordings, handouts and materials after EVERY EVENT;
  • Special VIP seating at ALL events.
You will also be registered for Manifest University, an online platform launching soon that will provide you with access to coaching, connections and resources that will help you continue to move forward in your unique purpose. Ready to be a VIP Partner? Sign up now!  


Chicago, IL


Event Fees:

VIP Partner Registration (special limited time offer) $ 99.00


Oct 19,2018 - Oct 21,2018    Time: 6:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Do you ever wish you could start your life over again? Most classic video games had a "RESET" button. When the game wasn't quite going the way we wanted, we simply pressed the RESET button, and received a fresh start. So many of us live with regrets: things we wish we had done, poor decisions we wish we could change; hurtful words we wish were never said, and experiences we wish we could forget. As a result we may look at our lives and wise there was a button we could press to make the grief, regret, and shame go away, and start all over again. But God loves us, and because of that love, He has given us all a real opportunity to RESET our lives. When we discover what God knew about us before we were even born, we can experience new hope, and start changing our course. This experience will help you press RESET in your life. You will receive inspiring teaching, receive practical tools, and make authentic connections that will allow you to see yourself different, and start a fresh new journey into your future. Space is limited for this experience...if you're ready for your RESET, register today!


BOSS Church Sacramento
6528 44th St.
Sacramento, CA 95823

Event Fees:

Regular Registration $ 59.00
Late Registration (by October 17th) $ 69.00